Optimal Biz
  • Security Measure

    Optimal Biz detects devices that have not been updated with the latest security patch released by Microsoft and computers that don’t have the newest anti virus pattern files. Plus, it blocks launching P2P software that may risk information leakage and the usage of external data storage devices.

    icon Visualization of anti virus software icon Auto-setting of screen lock
    icon Visualization of applied security patches icon Launch restriction of rogue programs (ex. P2P detection)
    icon Activation of Windows updates icon Restriction of External data storage device usage
    icon Auto-setting of browser security icon Security alerts
    icon Auto-Setting of Macro on Office products icon Management page operation log/Agent log

  • PC Configuration

    You can collectively configure e-mail settings, wireless LAN, and register printers in bulk.

    icon E-mail address settings icon Favorites settings
    icon Wireless LAN settings icon Proxy settings on browser
    icon Registering printers icon Collective settings for all items

  • System Monitoring

    Optimal Biz monitors and diagnoses hardware status, such as derive sapce and HDD condition. It also executes defragmentation.

    icon Drive space diagnosis icon HDD monitoring
    icon Auto-defragmentation icon CPU temperature monitoring

  • Asset Management

    Optimal Biz manages PC hardware/installed software, and shows the Network Map graphically.

    icon Collecting hardware information icon Optional information management
    icon Collecting security measure information icon Network Map

  • Diagnosis Tool

    Diagnosis Tool helps you to solve network problems when you cannot access the Internet.

    icon Internet connection diagnosis icon FAQ on Microsoft Office
    icon Security/Software diagnosis icon FAQ on E-mail/OS

  • Remote Support

    If a problem occurs, you can solve it by sharing user's screen and performing remote operation.

    icon Screen sharing, Remote Operation, Setting on user’s behalf

General Picture of Optimal Biz

General Picture of Optimal Biz

Optimal Biz Main Feature

Feature Feature Description
Simple setup Completes the initial setup by just entering the user ID and password
Status monitoring Monitors hardware, software, security measures, and alerts.
Network Map Allows one to see devices on a map from access point.
Additional information setting Allows for setting additional information
Device discovery Looks for other devices on the network that your PC is connected to (printers, TVs, etc.)
Report Enables one to output hardware information, software information and security information in csv format.
Alert Able to check computers that have violated operation policy.
Microsoft Office license management Enables one to manage Microsoft Office licenses.
Security setting Enables one to configure the default settings of security devices, restriction of Office Macro, browser security , and mailer security
Drive setting Restricts usage of CD/DVD drives and USB drives
Program launch blocking Blocks applications not related to work. Also makes it possible to restrict specified applications.
Home page setting Allows one to set the home page on a browser.

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