What is Optia?

Optia enables remote screen-sharing between users, i.e. one friend helping another to use his/her smartphone. Optia is the world’s first such social support service, allowing users to help each other anytime, anywhere through screen-sharing and remote control of the other person’s smartphone -- as if they were right next to each other!

General Picture of Optia


Communication data is encrypted by SSL, and servers are housed in a strictly-monitored data center.

Benefits of Optia

Optia distribution

User Benefits

Receive secure support from family and friends whenever smartphone questions/difficulties arise.

Device Maker Benefits

Decrease support costs by providing code sign-in or pre-installing Optia, thus allowing users to support one another.

Carrier Benefits

Decrease support costs by distributing Optia and allowiing users to support one another.

Main Features of Optia

Feature Feature Description
Screen Sharing Solve problems by sharing your screen with another
Visual Step-By-Step In-app markers allow for easy, visual, step-by-step support guidance
Remote Operation Give and receive support anytime, anywhere from a remote device
Easy Connection Connect to support as easily as if you were making a call
Chat Send and receive text messages while remotely controlling a device


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