Optimal Gadget Youth

What is Optimal Gadget Youth?

It is a solution used to protect children from a number of threats regarding mobile devices.

What is Optimal Gadget Youth?

Main Features of Optimal Gadget Youth

Feature Feature Description
Location Data This feature allows you to confirm where a smartphone is currently located.
It is possible to confirm where your child is or support him/her when lost by using the location data.
App Prohibition This feature allows you to prohibit usage of selected apps (which are inappropriate to use) by a blacklist form.
It is possible to manage apps that are usable by your children with this feature.
Remote Lock This feature allows you to remotely lock devices. Also, it is possible to lock devices automatically if there is no communication for a specified time period.
In the event of theft or loss, this feature enables you to protect devices from being accessed by other parties.
Remote Wipe You can initialize smartphones and an SD card inside to avoid information leakage to other parties in the event of loss or theft.
And it informs you of whether the Remote Wipe is successfully performed or not.
Backup This feature enables you to backup and restore a contact list and bookmarks in a smartphone to provide for the case that a smartphone is broken or lost.