Optimal Diagnosis & Repair

What is Optimal Diagnosis & Repair?

Optimal Diagnosis & Repair is a tool that diagnoses troubles and clarifies/repairs the cause of malfunctions on a device.

This tool benefits both end-users and support centers. End-users don’t have to a call support center whenever problems occur, they can solve problems themselves with this tool. As a result, a support center can decrease the number of phone calls.

  • Solves unintentional setting problems

    Solves unintentional setting problems

    About 60% of typical information devices encounter troubles. Also, devices are often prone to have problems just by a small operation mistake, which requires a lot of efforts to specify the cause and repair it. Here is the solution, Optimal Diagnosis & Repair. All you have to do is to click a button, then the tool starts diagnosing / repairing troubles.

  • Self-resolution, Less phone calls

    Self-resolution, Less phone calls

    The number of phone calls to a support center is proportional to the number of users. If a problem happens, users don’t have to worry about whether it is within service hours or make a phone call. All they have to do is to execute Optimal Diagnosis & Repair, then problems are gone.

  • Simple operation!

    Simple operation!

    OPTiM has developed a number of software programs to solve problems. With our know-how, Optimal Diagnosis & Repair provides you the fastest and simplest problem solving experiences.