■SaaS Yearly License
Please confer with us.

■On-premise model
Please confer with us.
Optimal Remote is delivered as ASP service using a server located on the cloud.
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Deployment Steps

It just takes only 1 day from an order to deploy the Optimal Remote since it's delivered as an ASP service.
Plus, No network settings and No dedicated servers are required.
To start remote support, all you have to do is to click a button on a web page.

1 day from the order to deliver


Order/Conclusion of a Contract

Apply for Optimal Remote by web page or phone. We will deliver it within 1 day the account at the earliest. Trial accounts are also available.


Account ID Issue

After the order, we will issue an account ID for you. This ID is used to log into the Operator Tools.


Optimal Remote Download/Installation

Download/install the Operator Tool on a supporter's PC. The installation is very simple and it gets updated whenever it's launched.


Preparation is completed

Log into the Operator Tool, then you are ready to support.

1 minute to start support


Access Web Page

No preparation is necessary on the PC you support. Just tell a user to access a specified page then click a button.


Enter Reception Number

When the reception Number is displayed, inform the operator of the number.


Start support

After entering the Reception Number, the connection is completed.