Usage Scenarios

Set up Wi-Fi, printers, or e-mail account effortlessly

Collective settings

All you have to do is create a configuration set , then apply it to the computers you want to set up.

  • Simple set-up
  • Save money

Manage PCs and printers head and branch offices

Visualization of information about assets such as PCs, and other network devices.

Optimal Biz displays IT assets on a Network Map, and even shows which devices that agent software has not been installed. This is made possible by OPTiM’s original device discover technology. Plus, It allows admins to get a handle on IT assets by showing device information and installed software information. You can manage devices by group.

  • Device discovery, Visualization of device information
  • Managing MS Office License
  • Restriction of file sharing software

Make sure that all security software and Windows are updated with the latest versions

Make sure your PCs are compliant with security policies

Optimal Biz lets you check if there are violations of the security policy, and can enforce activation of Windows Updates.

  • The latest security setting
  • Protect from information leakage

Troubleshoot mailer and network errors on the fly


Optimal Biz remembers proper settings, so it can compare current settings with previous ones. If there is a discrepancy between them, repairs can be made.

  • Troubleshooting in an early stage