World's First Social Support Service, Optia, Received Worldwide Media Coverage 2013-03-01
OPTiM 的 Optia Android 手机屏幕分享 / 遥控 app 主站动手玩(视频)

OPTiM Optia Android ? zdalny ekran w smartfonie

Optia, soporte remoto en tu Smartphone Android MCW2013

Optia: управляй Android на расстоянии / СОТОВИК

OPTiM’s Optia – Une application de partage d’écran et de prise en main à distance #MWC2013

Optia: sdílení plochy a vzdálené ovládání telefonu s Androidem [MWC]

Приложение Optia позволяет удалённо управлять одним телефоном Android с другого

■About Optia
Optia is the first-ever app to enable remote support between smartphone users. With Optia, smartphone owners having trouble figuring out how to use a particular feature or app on their device can simply enable screen-sharing and remote operation with family and friends, and get real-time instructions from a trusted source, as if they were right in front of you. It’s both simple and secure.

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