Supported devices have been added.
(NEC LavieTab PC-TE510S1, etc.
Total of 343 devices)

Supported device list of Optimal Biz has been updated.
NEC LavieTab PC-TE510S1, etc. are added.
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Optimal Biz is - No.1 MDM in market share in 2013(※1). -

Optimal Biz is the MDM that OPTiM's plenty of experience and know-how in asset management are reflected. With alliance with device makers, OPTiM can test a device even before its release date, which allows customers to deploy secured devices at the same time of its release.

※1 Source: “ITR Market View: Enterprise Mobile Management / Mobile Application Development 2013,” by ITR Corporation. Excerpt from sales value share of each vendor. The value of 2013 is the predicted values.

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