Nov. 2015 Selected as one of the Saga's Saiko(*) Enterprises by Saga Prefecture.
(*Note: Saiko means both "the best" and "restorer" in Japanese.)
Oct. 2015 Moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sept. 2015 Started providing "Optimal Biz Secure Sync," a secure MAM service. 
Started providing "OPTiM Cafe," a simple collaboration service with real-time screen-sharing.
Acquired patents for exit security and heuristics countermeasure to prevent cyber attacks and remote control from unknown sources.
Jointly developed "Pocket Doctor," a remote medical and health assistance service. 
Strengthened Capital Alliance with Fuji Xerox.
Aug. 2015 Concluded a three-party agreement for IT Agriculture with Saga University and Saga Prefectural Government.
Announced "SkySight," the world's first big data analysis platform that supports drones.
Entered the cosmetics market, realizing Remote Experience Sharing in the Cosmetics×IT field.
Announced "Remote Action," a smart glass for remote operational work.
Apr. 2015 Announced "Optimal Biz Watch," a Wearable Device Management Service as the world's first Apple Watch solution for enterprise mobility.
Co-developed an iOS solution with KDDI that supports Apple's Device Enrollment Program on "KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager."
Formed a business alliance with TreeBox Solutions to develop enhanced mobile security services.
Mar. 2015 Acquired patents in Japan and the United States for "Optia," the world's first screen-sharing service between smartphones.
Formed a business alliance with Komatsu for Remote Technology, with its first collaboration involving "Optimal Second Sight," a Visual Remote Support service.
Announced "Remote Experience Sharing," OPTiM’s remote technology strategy for the IoT/wearables era.
Feb. 2015 Formed an alliance with KDDI Vietnam for mobile security and business apps.
Dec. 2014 Announced "Optimal Remote for Lollipop," realizing global first remote support of every Android™ smartphone and tablet in the world.
Formed a business alliance withTelepathy Japan for wearables solutions.
Acquired the 1st place of Emerging Market Company Ranking of Patent Asset Scale in the Information Communication Industry issued by Patent Result Co., Ltd.
Co-developed a high-grade smartphone for Chinese seniors with China's Hisense.
Nov. 2014 Started providing "Smartphone Secure Pack," a comprehensive support service for MVNO businesses to use secure smartphones.
Started sales of “Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM”, the world's first comprehensive tablet service.
Oct. 2014 Acquired a patent in the United States for "Secure Shield," the premier technology for preventing MDM vulnerabilities on Android devices.
Acquired the 3rd place in Japan for “Comprehensive Patent Rankings for Electronic Device Management.”
Achieved three straight years of No.1 MDM service share in Japan by "Optimal Biz."
Acquired a patent for the world's first shield technology, Secure Shield.
Listed on TSE's (Tokyo Stock Exchange's) Mothers market.
Jul. 2014 Started providing "Unlimited Business Software powered by OPTiM."
Integrated the brand name, "Optimal Biz for Mobile," into "Optimal Biz."
Mar. 2014 Announced "Zone Management," a concept that automatically activates a device's optimal settings in accordance with its Location and Time.
Dec. 2013 Announced the world's first shield technology, "Secure Shield."
Jul. 2013 Started providing a smart device customization solution, "Optimal Biz Gadget."
Started providing an MCM solution, "Optimal Biz Docs" for free of charge.
May. 2013 Started providing "Unlimited Software powered by OPTiM."
Feb. 2013 Started providing the world's first remote control product supporting Android STB (Set Top Box).
Started providing the world's first app, "Optia," for smartphone-to-smartphone screensharing.
Jan. 2013 Started providing a Parental Control Application, "Optimal Gadget Youth."
Dec. 2012 Recognized and took 9th place in the "Ranking of Patent Asset Scale in Information Communication Industry, 2011-2012."
Started providing the world's first unauthorized remote control protection software, Optimal Guard.
Nov. 2012 Acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification.
Sept. 2012 Started providing a remote support solution, "Optimal Remote Ubiquitous."
Mar. 2012 Started offering "Optimal Remote" and "Optimal Biz" for East Asia.
Established CANTERA Office.
Nov. 2011 Acquired a patent for device identification technology, "Tiger."
Jun. 2011 Acquired a patent for simultaneous screensharing on "Optimal Remote."
May. 2011 Started providing a mobile device management platform, "Optimal Biz for Mobile."
Mar. 2011 Distributed PC power-saving software, Optimal Green, for free as a reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Acquired patents in Japan and the U.S. for identifying, setting and diagnosing devices.
Nov. 2010 Started providing the world's first tool to visualize/optimize power consumption for PC, "Optimal Green."
Oct. 2010 Started providing the world's first remote support product for Android devices, "Optimal Remote Mobile."
Oct. 2009 Started providing a PC management platform, "Optimal Biz."
Sept. 2009 Made business alliance with NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION to promote Home ICT.
Sept. 2008 Started providing a home network solution, "Optimal HomeLink."
Mar. 2008 (Capital: 134,870,000 Yen)
Increased capital through third-party allocation (NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION)
Jan. 2008 Started providing a platform to diagnose PC environment and to deliver suitable software and messages for users, "Optimal Communication&Management."
Oct. 2007 Started providing a screensharing product for PC, "Optimal Remote."
Apr. 2007 Started providing a platform, "Optimal Smart Pointer," to automate certain operations on PC.
Sept. 2006 Moved Tokyo office.
Started providing a service to automatically diagnoses and repairs e-mail and the Internet troubles, Optimal Diagnostic&Repair.
Started providing an e-mail/router auto-setup tool, Optimal Setup.
Aug. 2004 Started providing a broadband computer school, "KINPACHI," and content monitoring system, "ZENIGATA," for intellectual property violation.
Mar. 2004 Started providing a mobile learning system, "KINJIRO-J."
Mar. 2003 Started providing a push-type information distribution infrastructure, "i7 Just Time Information."
Oct. 2001 Started providing a streaming video advertising service, "i7 Streaming Spot."
Established Tokyo Office.
Apr. 2001 Started a download promotion service, "i-CM."
Jun. 2000 OPTiM Corporation was founded.