Business Summary

Under the concept of "We make the Net as simple as breathing," OPTiM sets its mission to change the situation that certain IT literacy is still required to use the Internet as indispensable infrastructure, and to make the Net itself as the air that you do not even notice using it.  Since the day of our establishment, we engage in developing products that everyone can enjoy creativity and convenience the Internet brings.OPTiM focuses on a single segment for license sales and maintenance support service (Optimal Business), and we provide a variety of services such as IoT Platform Service, Remote Management Service, Support Service, and other unique services.

Optimal One Platform

IoT Platform Service

Optimal Biz is a service that allows easy management of business-use tools connected to the IoT (Internet of Things), such as smart devices and PCs. Necessary security measures and installation can easily be managed on the cloud.

Remote Management Service

Optimal Remote provides support solutions for individual customers by sharing screen of and remotely operate smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Support Service

Optimal Diagnosis & Repair automatically diagnoses and repairs when you have troubles with the Internet, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Other Services

The Unlimited series of services provides a large line-up of e-books, digital magazines and software packages for both personal and business use with monthly flat-rate subscriptions.