• mamoly product site has been updated.2015/06/26

  • mamoly agent (Android app) has been upgraded to Ver.

  • mamoly Management Site has been updated as Ver.2.2015/06/26

  • mamoly Help Manual site has been opened to the public.2015/02/27

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What is mamoly?

mamoly is a parental control service that can easily apply your family rules onto your child's smartphone/tablet.
It’s the best way to have your child use his/her first smart device securely!

Uneasy about smartphone use?

Over 60% of guardians are concerned about their children's dependence on smartphones.

For example, long-time use of game apps, access to inappropriate websites, connecting with an unknown person etc.…

Aren't you worried about what's happening to your child at a place out of your view?

Feel assured with mamoly!

mamoly provides support for secure and safe smartphone/tablet use observing its utilization rules.

Location data display

App prohibition

Use time limit

Web-site browsing limitation

※Optional service

Device lock

Data initialization

  • Watches over your child's use of smartphone/tablet always in accordance with utilization rules even when he/she is out of your sight.
  • Allows simple setting of smartphone/tablet utilization rules matching with utilization level according to child's age and your family rules.
  • Allows a guardian to confirm and set his/her child's smartphone/tablet anytime via Web site by utilizing his/her own device.

Confirms where your child is

The location of your child is always a concern.

Can confirm your child's device location anytime on a map!

Prohibits use of inappropriate apps for your child.

Worry about large phone bills from game apps or use of apps that are inappropriate for your child's age.

Can prohibit use of game apps and specified apps!

Determines smartphone use time rule.

Anxious about usage of a device during class, although originally supposed to be used for contact only.

Can limit use of a device during school hours, lessons and cram school hours!

Prohibits browsing of harmful website.

Worry about entering a harmful website by mistake…

Can prohibit browsing listed harmful websites in bulk!

※Optional service

Remotely stops utilization of a smartphone.

The smartphone has been lost somewhere…

Disables use by any third party by remotely locking your child's smartphone!

Completely deletes information stored in a lost smartphone or in an unused smartphone for replacement.

When any personal information leaks because of loss of a smartphone…

Completely erases information in a smartphone remotely!

Operational environment for mamoly

Child's device

Supported OS version for devices:Android 4.0 and later.

Management menu used by guardians

Supported browser:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

※No app installation is required.